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The Autoptic 2018 Application Process

For Autoptic 2018, we’ve made some changes to our application and curatorial process. We are really excited about these changes, and we think it will help make our show even better! For folks applying to exhibit at Autoptic 2018, the process will be almost exactly the same as it was for our previous shows, but the way applications will be reviewed is significantly different. So, in the spirit of openness and transparency, we’d like to outline our new application and review process below.

Applications are currently closed

Open applications for Autoptic 2018 are closed as of April 20th, 2018. However, you may still submit an application to be placed on our wait list. If you would like to do so, please click here.

Applications will be reviewed by a panel of 7 jurors invited to participate in this process by The Autoptic Foundation

This is the newest and most exciting change to our application process. In the past, applications were reviewed exclusively by members of The Autoptic Foundation. While we do believe we assembled the best group of exhibitors we could have at the time, we also realized that having the same people reviewing applications for every show would very quickly lead to the show’s roster of exhibitors becoming familiar and stale. So, in an effort to bring in fresh, diverse perspectives to the curation process, The Autoptic Foundation has invited a panel of 7 Jurors to review, vote and curate the applications received for Autoptic 2018. We will be announcing the 7 jurors soon.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling, first-in, first-reviewed basis starting on April 20th, 2018

Starting on April 20th, 2018, the 7 Jurors will begin reviewing and voting on applications. They will review the applications in the order that they are received. Please note that while we will continue to accept applications after April 20th, we will not able to guarantee that your application will be reviewed unless we receive it on or before April 20th.

The voting process is a psuedo-blind, binary vote.

When reviewing the applications, jurors will simply vote YES or NO on each applicant. If a juror feels that they would like to see an applicant’s work represented at Autoptic 2018, they will vote, “yes”. If they feel otherwise, they will vote “no”. Jurors will be free, (and encouraged), to communicate with one another and discuss their thoughts on the applications. However, no juror will be obligated to reveal how they voted for any specific application to their fellow jurors, to members of The Autoptic Foundation or the public at large. Our submission system is set up so that jurors will not be able to see how other jurors voted, unless another juror decides to communicate their votes elsewhere.

In terms of the applications themselves, The Autoptic Foundation will take what steps we can to mask the identity of the applicant from the jurors, but it is always possible that jurors will know the identity of the applicant simply by virtue of already being familiar with the applicant’s work.

Applicants will begin to be notified of their application’s status on May 1st, 2018

Once the jurors have completed their voting, all of the applications will be ranked first by their positive vote totals, then by the time of their submission. That ranked application list will then be used to allocate our available tables. If an applicant’s rank is high enough that they can be allocated a table, they will then be asked to confirm that they still plan exhibiting at Autoptic 2018 and submit any table fees. If an applicant is not allocated a table at that time, they will immediately be placed on our waiting list and notified as soon as possible if and when a table becomes available.

A few notes on table allocation

Because we do not know how many applications we will receive this year and we don’t know what table sizes will be requested by the applicants, we can not say for certain what the vote threshold for table allocation will be. However, in the spirit of openness, we can speak to previous years voting and how those table allocations worked out.

For both Autoptic 2013 and Autoptic 2015, we received about 300 applications for both shows respectively. Though we had slightly more applicants and more tables for our 2015 show, we were able to allocate tables to about 120 applicants for those shows. This means that both years, a little less than half of all applicants were allocated tables. This also means that there were a number of applicants who had positive vote totals for whom we did not have a table to allocate. We think that this is a testament to the quality of work on display at Autoptic, but we also recognize this means many worthy applicants were not able to get table at our previous events.

This year, we are doing everything we can to increase our table count and make as many table available to as many deserving applicants as is possible. As we get closer to the event, we will be able to share specific numbers about table availability and allocation percentages.

There is a small number of tables that have pre-allocated. Each juror will have given a table to use to exhibit at the show if they would like to, (though exhibition is not a requirement for jury members). Also, members of The Autoptic Foundation will also be allocated a table to use to exhibit at the show.


If you have any questions about our application and curation process, please contact us at Please note that while we wish to be as helpful and transparent as possible in this process, we will not be able to discuss jury voting records, the vote outcome of specific applications or provide feedback on specific applications.